Cycle Premiere Date Winner Runner-Up Other Contestants In Order Of Elimination No. Of Contestants Destination(s)
1 Fall 2011 Cassie Rones Tiffany Jalcey

Maggie Dalt, Farrah Whores, Joanne Fastest, Pearl Peyes, Trish Dance, Susanne Clarts, Rehanna Vice, Lara Hershey


23px-Flag of Spain.svg


2 Spring 2012 Desire Hunter Cecilia Brooks Anthonisa Dezona, Eleanore Girard, Alison Flower, May Noah, Sediqua Francis, June Noah, Ashlee Killer, Mia Endertorn, Renee Wordsworth, Kayleigh-Ann Dayton, Erika Smith 13

22px-Flag of Brazil.svg

São Paulo

3 Summer 2014 TBA TBA

Still in the running:

Aiden Thomas, Amy Jamison, Cassy Bates, Diana Popov, Kasia Sleutskaya, Kim Cline, Luciana Ventimiglia, Naveen Iyer, Ntombi Ballo, Petra Adamsen, Raine Everill, Renae Rodgers, Sophia Radcliff, Takuma Wakahisa, Trista Buckley

15 TBA
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